A new section called, “I wonder if…”

26 08 2009

I often have nagging thoughts that I wonder if others share. I’m going to try to start a section called “I wonder if…” Feel free to leave your own.

Today’s first installment:
I wonder if networks like CNN have a database full of stories on famous people so they can try and be the first to have a retrospective set of stories on their lives when they die. Case in point: Ted Kennedy. Sen. Kennedy passed away overnight, but by 7:00 AM (CDT), CNN already had as stories: “Triumphs and tragedies,” “A Ted Kennedy Timeline,” as well as other remembrances of his life.
If someone nearly dies like he did a few months ago, do the bosses say, “Ted Kennedy is on his way out. Let’s get a bunch of stories together to scoop everyone when he passes.”

If this is the case, do networks have their own sort of macabre death pool? Are reporters secretly hoping their chosen guy/girl dies so that their story will run?

I wonder who’s next on their list of upcoming dead famous people who we already have an exhaustive set of stories on, before they actually die. Thoughts?