Daddy-Fridays, and then God says, “Ha!”, or why I hate daycares with all their sick little kid germs

22 08 2009

I think that was the title of a Julia Sweeney comedy special a few years ago.  But it still rings true.

Kim has a lot of work to do before school starts back.  Today was all day meetings (mandatory) and our girls’ daycare was closed due to an inservice day.  So that gave me a Daddy-Friday with  both of them.  Now mind you, in Cincinnati, we sent LJ to a home daycare M-TR every week instead of an actual daycare.  From January-June 2007, from 3 mos old to 8 mos, every Friday was Daddy-Friday and we spent it together.  I loved Daddy-Fridays.

Ever since we moved to TX and started a real daycare, where you have to pay whether they’re there or not, and I have tons of studying and other work to do, Daddy-Fridays just haven’t been as frequent.  Plus, there are TWO of them now.

Anyway, they spent all of this summer (everyday, save a few meeting days) with Mommy.  Super-Mommy.  And the occasional Daddy-day was not near as fun as the time with Mommy, I’m sure.  But they started back to daycare this week on Monday, and went for the 4 days before the inservice day, which was today.

So to quickly recap where I’m going–all summer, Mommy-care, restarted daycare Monday, out today for inservice, Mommy really busy with meetings and school, so it was a Daddy-Friday.

Did I mention I hate daycares and their little sickly kid germs?  LJ is a magnet for sickly kid germs.  She’s been back 4 days.  FOUR DAYS!  And she wakes up this morning with a runny nose and slight fever.  Kim had left me specific instructions for the day’s errands, including (at my request) a print-out of the exact dress to buy for AJ at Gymboree and to take the 30% off coupon because today starts TX tax-free-holiday weekend on things like kids clothes.  Plus some new hairbows for LJ.  There were 2 trips to Sams that I won’t go into detail, other than to say that it provided one of the best pics of AJ I’ve ever taken.  (See my mobile uploads on FB to agree with the other 10 or so friends).

But as the day went on, LJ seemed more and more likely to be heading towards a cold.  And she’s not the happiest girl when she’s sick.  Before there were 2, we would happily make room in the bed for her, and she would come and spread sickly little kid germs all over us as well.  Now that we have 2, we quarantine them at a point, so they won’t rapidly infect the house.

Long story short (too late), I am up now after midnight, forcing children’s Ibuprofen down LJ’s throat to battle the 100+ fever, while AJ screams bloody murder in the other room.  I’m frustrated with Kim because she’s so tired from actually working, while I just had the privilege of spending a whole day with just me and the girls.

So I’m up now.  And I’m fuming and feeling sorry for myself.  And then I do what most people do when they can’t sleep because of a sick kid and a screaming one.  I check Facebook status updates.  And here’s where God says, “Ha!”

I have a college friend named Anna who I’ve somewhat stayed in touch with over the years.  She moved to Nashville and worked for awhile with LifeWay.  She married a guy named Jason, and about 18 mos ago had a son and they named him Ian.  Now I’ve never met Jason or Ian, but only through the magic of Facebook have I come to know and care about them.  You see, at the end of May after some routine checkups, they found a tumor in Ian’s brain.  A mean, nasty one.  They immediately had it removed, and he began followup visits and treatments to try and keep it from coming back.  This little guy has been fighting hard.  Unfortunately, it did come back, and worse than before.  So they chose to head to Memphis and to one of the best places on earth, St. Jude’s for their next round of surgery and treatments.  They’ve been at St. Jude’s 8 weeks now.  I have prayed for Ian and Anna and Jason like never before.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to have a son facing all of this uncertainty, without the ability to explain what is happening.

And to top all of this off, they found out they’re expecting their 2nd baby.  Which, while a blessing, is still a consideration for all of the treatment Ian is going through.

So in the middle of my pity party, I read this update:

Anna Davison Miller Ian Update: LONG day at clinic appointments with Ian getting G-CSF and platelet infusions. His ANC level is 100, so he has no immune system. He was a very playful, happy baby this evening though, so hopefully all is well. Please continue to pray that he doesn’t get sick while his immune system is down and that we have CLEAR SCANS on Thurs!2 hours ago

And here I am worried about missing a couple hours of sleep, or hitting golf balls on Saturday.  What a jerk I am.

I still hate daycares and their little sickly kid germs that they pass around like the fried okra at one of Kim’s family get-togethers.

But I am going to be a little less likely (I hope) to feel sorry for myself when my kid gets sick or screams because they don’t want to be alone.  It is one of the not-so-fun things of parenthood.  And these days do come, for sure.  I just have to remind myself how blessed we really are.

If you want to keep up with Ian’s progress, or read his entire story, or donate to the expenses incurred, go to  But whatever you do, keep them in your prayers.  I was reminded front and center tonight how much I need to do so.




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22 08 2009

THere are several days i too hav those same thoughts and then Anna crosses my mind and I am quickly reminded how blessed I am to have them healthy!

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