7 07 2009

I’ve past the halfway point of seminary.  I have finished 4 semesters, with 3 and a summer to go.

Lyrics that are speaking to me right now come from Rich Mullins (as they often do), and from a song of his that I usually skip over.  It’s slow.  It’s from the Jesus Record, which isn’t actually him singing all of them, but other artists interpreting his demo recordings of the songs.  It’s entitled simply, “Jesus.”

I was driving to church last night with the redhead, and had been battling her (she’s only 2, for heaven’s sake!) over whose cds we would listen to.  I won.  She has these 5 or 6 cds we got out of Happy Meals from McDonald’s, and they’re her cds.  There are only 5 songs on each, but if you put them in randomly, she can tell you which color cd it is by the song.  Yet another reason I believe that I’ve sired a genius.  But I digress.

I won the battle, and I’ve been kinda dry spiritually lately, and I needed a pick-me-up from my good buddy Rich, so I stuck in his “Jesus Record.”  You might know this one, it has “My Deliverer,” which itunes tells me is his most popular download.  It’s good, but really?  The top Rich download isn’t “Awesome God”?  Anyway it has “He Did Not Have a Home,” which is one of my favorites.  And the closing “That Where I Am, There You May Also Be,” which is a big favorite of mine as well.

Needless to say, I was paying more attention to the ominous clouds than the music.  It hasn’t rained (substantially) in Central Texas for a good month now.  We’re parched.  We’re dry and cracked.  The sticker burrs are taking over my yard, and taking out the trash usually results in a yelp or two from a stray burr I’ve tracked in.  But the music was playing, and I wasn’t listening.

Until it hit the chorus which was sang by Ashley Cleveland, and it goes like this:


Write me into your story.

Whisper it to me.

And let me know I’m yours.

I think it’s the line, “Write me into your story,” that got me.  It’s been stuck into my head ever since.

What does it mean to ask Jesus to “write me into your story”?

Am I spiritually dry because I’ve written myself out?  How is my discipleship?  Where has my focus been?

This is my prayer for today:


Write me into your story.

Whisper it to me.

And let me know I’m yours.



One response

8 07 2009
Kathleen Herman

Amen! I needed to see this today. Thanks.

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