13 03 2009

I found this while doing research for a paper.  It speaks well.


And Everyone Has His Own Isaac

Edward J. Farrell


I want Abram for my friend, said God.


I would make him a people great,

more than sea-sands, a people

and a new land

and a blessing.

I will give him Isaac, said God.


And Abram, looking up, loved back.

I will build altars in the land you gave me, friend.

an altar at Sichem

an altar at Valley of Clear Seeing.

Move on.

an altar east of Bethel, west of Hai

So Abram built the altars.


And Abram moved his tent by Mambre

at Hebron built an altar to the Lord.


Then God took Abram out of doors.

My childless friend, said God,

Look up at the countless stars.

And God said,

Abram, I am going to pluck a son from you,

a son to give you sons.

You’ll have more sons than stars, said God,

before we’re through.


So Abram put his faith in God

and it was reckoned virtue.


But God left Abram waiting,

Gave him time

Time almost to count the stars.


But one day God called Abram, remembering the 

stars, and said,

Abram, you shall have a new name.

And God called him, “Father of Many Nations”

God, taunting, called him Abraham.


And friends have covenants, said God,

and we will have one, too, He said.

I am your God and you are my own Abraham.

The sign is in your flesh.


Later God thought:

I cannot leave him counting stars forever.

Already Sara laughs at me.

It is time.

It is time I gave him Isaac, said God.


And Abraham became the father of a son, of Isaac.

A hundred years of unspent fatherhood

he poured all out on Isaac.

And laughing Sara’s breasts grew warm and full.

Themselves they gave to Isaac.


There was no more counting stars for God’s poor


He had the seed for all the flowers of the earth.

God had given Abraham his Isaac.


And God watched Abraham with love.

Watched him as he played with sheep and land.

And later on, He spoke:


I am the Pack-Rat, God, said God.

and now, Abraham,

I want Isaac.


But we are friends and you gave Isaac, Abr’am said,


I know we are, said God.

But I want Isaac.


Till Abr’am cried,

The stars so countless and the many sands

and would you take my one son Isaac?


And God would only answer back:

I want Isaac.


And Abraham, because he was a friend of God’s 

said, God,

Take Isaac.


Farrell, Edward J, Disciples and Other Strangers (Denville, NJ: Dimension, 1974), 147-8.



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