10 02 2009

I have a love/hate relationship with blogging.

On the one hand, I believe sometimes I have thoughts and insights that would be valuable to share with the world.

On the other, I am humble enough to keep my opinions to myself.

But I also believe in the freedom of expression, whether it be via speech, religious practice, assembly, bearing arms, you get the drift, the whole Bill of Rights thing.

But I also believe in the responsible use of said freedom of expression, such as limiting hate speech. 

This all being said, I would love to blog more, but most of what I think I have to say, just isn’t that interesting or thought provoking enough for me to think anyone else out there would want to read it.



One response

12 02 2009
Jonathan Balmer

I agree. With all this talking it adds up to a lot of noise!

Then again, I enjoy writing and my handwriting is not the best so typing on the computer is a good place to just have thoughts bleed out even if they’re not organized in the best way they could be.

Like my last blog post it’s very long but it’s also the first one in months and months. I do that stop blogging and then have a massive post followed by another long period of time of no blogging.

Oh, and something pretty cool that’s going on in my life: I’m teaching the youth group on Sunday. It feels weird that I’m one of the oldest there now. Of course, it might feel a little weird to you still that your a father to not just one but two children.

Well, maybe I’ll get to talk to you later.
Have to go to my next class now, bye.

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