I never paid much attention to the moon

2 02 2009

I never paid much attention to the moon until my eldest daughter came along.

We never go anywhere at night (or sometimes during the day) when she fails to lift her eyes skyward to scour the heavens in search of that big reflective ball of dirt we call the moon.

It’s probably because of the amount of times we’ve read Goodnight Moon.

It’s probably because anytime we read a book near bedtime she points out the moon in the nighttime pictures.

It’s probably because it’s something she can easily find and identify.

But my daughter loves the moon, and now I do too.

Each night/morning, I find myself gazing up to the heavens looking for that celestial body, so I can help my daughter find it, take notice, and smile with an affirming, “There’s the moon!”

I have become hyper-aware of the moon’s phases and positioning in the sky–knowing where to look to find it in the mornings and where it might be in the early evenings, too.

From a sliver of a new moon, to the half-moon’s eery outline, to the majestic robust full moon–whenever and however it appears makes my daughter smile and laugh, and makes me happy, too.

I know a famous preacher has extolled the virtues of the sun, as opposed to the moon.  He encourages us to “Be the moon, and reflect the sun, because all the moon does is reflect the light given it by the sun.”

But I also think you could say that the moon is like God.  

It’s always there in the sky somewhere.

It might be hiding.

It might be small and hard to find.

It might be mysterious.

It might be lighting up the night sky.

But it’s there.

Just like God.


So I look for the moon in places and times you wouldn’t normally look.  

As as I do, I think of God, and how I find God in places I wouldn’t normally look.

I look at the moon in all its splendor, taking into account the delicate way it cycles itself in and out of history.

And I think of God’s guiding hand throughout history.

And I smile, and laugh, and point to the sky and say to my daughter,

“Look, honey, it’s the moon!”




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