28 12 2008

Where do I start?  How about at the end?  As I sit here in big green, typing up what has become an annual tradition to sum up the past year, I am very anxious.  

Anxious for time to speed up, and yet, slow down.  

Anxious for our precious baby girl numero dos to begin her first journey to visit us.  

Anxious for the onslaught of relatives we have missed this holiday season.  

Anxious for my friends to return from holiday break, to join us in joy as we welcome this new addition to the Johnston household, and to hear their tales of holiday delight–especially the wedding crew and Hawaii travelers!

Anxious for the new year of one of my jobs, with a new leader and a semester of experience under my belt. 

Anxious for a change in my other employment, as God is showing me that he really wants me to move on.

Anxious for Lydia to continue to grow and develop and to watch her learn.

Anxious for her to not grow up too fast and stay Daddy’s little girl forever, snuggled up with me in big green as we rock before bedtime, reading Goodnight Moon and Daddy Kisses and Knuffle Bunny.

Anxious for my new classes and the opportunities to learn.

Anxious for getting back into the groove of mucho reading.

Anxious for the real bowl season to start–my first in HD.

Anxious for more opportunities to preach.

Anxious to continue to refine my call.

Anxious to see God working in the lives of prospective Truett students and to hear their stories.

Anxious for LOST.

I’m just anxious.  2008 has been great, but 2009 will surely be fine.



One response

31 12 2008

hey man…i enjoyed the read. i wanted also to apologize for not keeping better in touch lately. i hope you guys are well and i look forward to your new addition. wish we got to talk more/see you guys more, but i guess i DID see ya twice this year so i can’t complain too much. but i do miss you guys, a lot.

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