22 10 2008

I think I get this way every election season.  

I’m jaded.  Disillusioned.  A little cynical.

I get tired of people on both sides of the aisle getting revved up over their particular candidate, slamming their opponents, and promising big things that will never come to fruition.

Call me whatever you wish, but I wish people would spend as much time caring about evangelism and missions as the political ambitions of the ones who must “hold their values and issues at heart.”

Really, how much money is being spent on the election?  Any guesses?  One website I saw said that as of September 21, one candidate had raised $358 million and spent $262 million, while another major party candidate had raised $603 million and spent $470 million.  This isn’t even taking into account the amount that other candidates must have spent in the primary season.

Realizing that this is a far cry from the $800 billion buyout Congress passed to “save” Wall Street, it’s still pretty close to a billion dollars that is being spent trying to convince citizens that they are the best candidate for the job of president.  

Really, I can tell you that it’s not the best job.  Just ask some of the former holders of the position.  Sure, there are perks galore, but will it really matter in the end?

So this is the season where I feel most apolitical.  If I offend any of my friends or colleagues with a non-response to your Pro-candidate A or B materials, know that I’m not anti-you, just apolitical.



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