Ah, Finally.

5 05 2008

Everyone walks around finals week with one of the following looks, or a mix-up of them.

1. They have this slightly relieved look, like they’re about to get a break from the relentless amount of homework and papers and tests that have pressed upon them for the past 5 months.

2. They have this slightly constipated look, like they’re underneath a massive amount of studying that needs to be done to pass (or solidify) a class that they didn’t put as much effort in as they should have.

3. They have this zombie-like stare indicating they’ve spent way too many nights staying up late and studying their tail off, which only makes them seem less human because of their lack of emotion.

4. They have this panicked look, in that they stayed up all night playing Wii or PS3 instead of studying for the test that will make or break their seminary career.


These are just 4 looks that I see on people this time of year.  I’m somewhat of a combo of 1 and 3, which is eerie for me.


Good luck to all.




One response

15 05 2008

Ya know – you don’t give yourself enough credit! You are a good listener. You were a sounding board plenty of times in grad school.

Have fun!

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