The Soundtrack of my life…

31 03 2008

I always think it’s funny when at some event, someone will get up to lead in prayer and as everyone quiets down, you realize there’s soft background music playing during the prayer.  Sort of a soundtrack to the prayer. Inevitably, it becomes a conscious mental effort to stay focused on the prayer and not the song itself.  For instance, a recent prayer I heard was accompanied by a nice mellow Coldplay song (I know, can you believe they have mellow music?).   This always makes me wonder what the soundtrack to my prayers is playing, and sometimes more importantly, my life.  So tonight’s entry is an attempt to break that down a little bit. 

  • Without a doubt, my theme song is “Beautiful Day,” by U2.  I know, real original.  I love me some Bono.  I love me some Edge, Larry, and Adam.  And this is without a doubt the best way to get me going in the morning.   
  • My angry music comes from Alice in Chains’ album called Dirt.  “Godsmack” was a song by AIC long before it was a band (I’m just guessing this, but let’s hope it’s true), and every time I just feel mad at the world, I get a jonesing for some loud, screaming guitars with depressing lyrics about drug addiction.  Pitiful, huh? 
  • My reflective mood song is anything by Sufjan Stevens.  “Casimir Pulaski Day,” “Jacksonville,” “Man of Metropolis Steals our Hearts,”–any of those will do.  I like the Illinois album more than the Michigan one.  Possibly because Michigan is a little more depressing.  And even as a state!  Ha!  Been gone from Ohio for awhile now, but that hate for all things maize and blue die hard! 

Other random insights: 

  • Favorite karaoke song:  “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison.
  • Song that causes flashbacks: Anything from mid-90’s with a bass beat and I’m riding around in T-roy’s cavalier with the 15 inch kickers, thinking I’m going to live forever.
  • Song that makes me cry: “Living Years” by Mike and the Mechanics.  If you’ve ever lost your dad, you know what I mean.
  • Song that makes me feel bulletproof: “Alive” or “Evenflow” by Pearl Jam–little known fact–I once stood in line to be one of the first in Jonesboring to own the first cassette copy of Vs. by Pearl Jam.  Sad, I know. 
  • Best slow dance song (tie): with my wife: “Nobody Knows” by the Tony Rich Project (first date), and with some random senior girl feeling sorry for fat 8th grade kid with bad skin and hair, “November Rain” by GNR.  (I know the pity dance is pathetic, but I have to get bonus points since she didn’t know they’d be playing the long version, and she had to slow dance with me for like 8 and a half minutes!)
  • Most odd musical like: anything by Morrissey.  He’s the crown prince of depressants, but I adore songs like “We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful” (with lines like, “if we can destroy them, you bet your life we will destroy them, if we can hurt them, well we may well, it’s really laughable and a bunch of a-haha’s”) 

In summary, music is important to me.  I’m rediscovering the power of music in my life, just like reading.  I feel more in touch with art and creativity when I’m enjoying my tunes.  I also realize my library pretty much is crappy.  I might have to block itunes to stave off bankruptcy.  



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4 04 2008

Terry! so welcome to the blogosphere, good to see you my friend.

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